Celebrate Black Motherhood - Not Just Talk: #BLACKMAMAMAGIC

Celebrate Black Motherhood

Join the BLK Projek for a day of creative visioning, arts and culture and reimagining how we look at and discuss Black motherhood. Through interactive workshops, performances and films screening, through smart TanyaTalks and plenary panels we will redefine how we see motherhood, think critically about the intersections of gender, race and class that creates obstacles for Black mothers to mother freely and without fear, we will deconstruct the hierarchy of single motherhood and make space to celebrate the full spectrum of the mothering experience. This day will push boundaries, challenge the way we define motherhood and include the full breadth of those who mother from kinship to non-gender conforming, LGTBQ, incarcerated/formerly incarcerated members; honoring our unique experiences and acknowledging our commonalities in a society that has made plain that it does not see our full humanity and that of the children we raise. So whether partnered, unmarried, a "non-traditional" domestic situation Not Just Talk: #BLACKMAMAMAGIC Summit will create a safe space for mothers of the African diaspora to celebrate the joys of the work we do to nurture and care for our children and ourselves. 

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GiGi in our Dig. Plant. Grow. BLK Projek t-shirts. Getchoo one today!

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In February of 2014, the BLK Projek's South Bronx Mobile Market & Buying Club pilot program was highlighted in the NY Times! With much enthusiasm and interest from the community we aggregated food from local business such as Corbin Hill Farm and Wholeshare and provided families in the South Bronx area access to quality, affordable mostly organic produce and nutritious added-value products.  

We are back this year and better than ever, with plans to add one meat product (or vegan meat replacement), oils and diary!

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