Our Indiegogo campaign has ended and we want to thank everyone who contributed. We raised $5,439 and our goal was $25,000. Fundraising in our current sociopolitical climate and around the holidays was a challenge but we are grateful. However, given the importance of the work we are doing and our current pending projects we aren't giving up. That just isn't our way! 

We are continuing our fundraising efforts offline. The offer still stands to triple our fundraising goal and we are kicking off our series of fundraising events with a locally sourced (where available), down home, southern style Sunday brunch guest chef'ed by Executive Director, Tanya Fields and hosted by BLK Projek member Imani Vidal. Join us, Sunday, March 15th from 12-4pm for a brunch prepared lovingly by "Mama Tanya" as if you were in her own little Bronx kitchen. If you are following her on Instagram then you have most likely drooled over her culinary delights and now she'll share them with you. An afternoon of southern style culinary treats, performances, presentations and celebration, we will inform you of our progress thus far with the Libertad Urban Farm and share our vision for the future. 

Tickets to Brunch with Mama Tanya are $50 per person. While this is a fundraiser we would like to see a significant number of community residents in attendance so we are offering a limited number of  "Pay as You Can" tickets to community members and we have special rates for group tickets. Please contact info (at) theblkprojek (dot) org or 718.635.0951 for more details. 

Can't Join us for brunch?you can still fund the blk projek

Contribute to our crowdfunding efforts on Fundrazr

Contribute to our crowdfunding efforts on Fundrazr

Our Indiegogo ended about a month ago and we didn't meet our goal. However, the offer to triple our end goal still stands. In addition to offline fundraising we are continuing our crowdfunding efforts on Fundrazr or you can continue to donate directly to our PayPal. If you cannot make our Brunch With Mama Tanya then please consider donating. We consider the work we do to affirm that #blacklivesmatter, every day in every facet of our lives, including the ability to feed our families real food and earn a dollar with integrity and pride. 



The South Bronx Mobile Market & Buying Club are currently on break with a strong return in the Spring. We are taking this time to re-strategize, expand and renovate! In fact we are currently raising funds to renovate the inside of the mobile market bus, adding appliances and gaining the appropriate permits and licenses. 

The buying club will return in early-April and the South Bronx Mobile Market will roll out early-May.

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