The BUying club is back - july 14th

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In February of 2014, the BLK Projek's South Bronx Mobile Market & Buying Club pilot program was highlighted in the NY Times! With much enthusiasm and interest from the community we aggregated food from local business such as Corbin Hill Farm and Wholeshare and provided families in the South Bronx area access to quality, affordable mostly organic produce and nutritious added-value products.  

We are back this year and better than ever, with plans to add one meat product (or vegan meat replacement), oils and diary!

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Libertad Urban Farm-Get involved!

Join us,  Saturday July 16th. RSVP now!

Join us,  Saturday July 16th. RSVP now!

Join us & Bronx Greenup Saturday, July 16th at Libertad Urban Farm for a day of grilling, planting and music! Come through and volunteer to help clean up the space, plant seedlings, build raise beds, have some grilled corn and dance. There will be activities for the children and if you like it register to become a VOLUNTEER FARMER!