Our Indiegogo Has Ended But we're still raising Funds

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended and we want to thank everyone who contributed. We raised $5,439 and our goal was $25,000. Fundraising in our current sociopolitical climate and around the holidays was a challenge but we are grateful. However, given the importance of the work we are doing and our current pending projects we aren't giving up. That just isn't our way! 

So we are continuing our fundraising efforts and we are going to raise the other 20K! We are launching another crowdfunding campaign and in the meantime we encourage you to continue contributing directly to our PayPal account

This fundraising campaign is crucial because we have the rare but exciting opportunity to TRIPLE our goal thanks to our board member and his relationship with a major foundation. Tripling our goal means a few things:


Join Our South Bronx Mobile Market Buying Club

Join Our South Bronx Mobile Market Buying Club

Good Food Right at Your Door!


The South Bronx Mobile Market is now accepting members for our Food Buying Club. 

For a mere 30 bucks a week you will get produce, rice, dairy and some value added goodies. 

And we accept EBT/SNAP benefits! 

Our first delivery date is Tuesday, January 28th!

Learn more and join TODAY!


Come Check Out Our Market and Join the Buying Club!

Come Find the Market. Learn More...

This week we will be out in the community doing outreach and encouraging folks to sign up for the the buying club. See where we will be this week and what our offerings are? 

It's a yummy proposition...

See our schedule for this week. 


Donate Now! Help us Continue Important, Innovative Food Justice Work.

Donate Now! Help us Continue Important, Innovative Food Justice Work.

Give Now...Revolutionize a Community

The BLK Projek is a women of color led organization that harnesses the power of the local, good food movement to create and catalyze economic development for low income women and youth. Through our innovative and community led programming we seek to make more healthy, whole communities that will lead, shape and benefit from a more accessible food system. 

In our short time, we are extremely proud of the inroads we have been able to make with the generous support of foundations like Jesse Noyes, Claneil and Simon Bolivar and mostly from individual donors like you!

In order for us to continue to do this work, grow, expand and stay accountable, help from folks like you is absolutely necessary. So whether it is a single dollar or one hundred dollars with your support we can continue to create programming that empowers residents, creates better choices for a healthier environment and catalyzes economic development. 

So please donate today!

Donate through PayPal now.

*If you prefer to donate by mail please make checks and money orders payable to our fiscal sponsor the Mary Mitchell Center and mail to 725 Fox Street Ste. 1B, Bronx NY 10455