The South Bronx Mobile Market Featured on Fast Company's Co.Exist

  Artist Crystal Clarity takes a break from painting the bus to give us an ill pose.  

Artist Crystal Clarity takes a break from painting the bus to give us an ill pose.  

The South Bronx Mobile Market is really building up momentum and we are excited to see so many people hyped about its arrival. We are also pretty freaked out about making sure that this project is successful and lives up to it's full potential. We are ready to meet that challenge. Every day. Check out a short piece written by Stan Alcorn of Fast Company's Co.Exist! 

We're really proud of this! Hope you like it and tell your friends!  

If this inspires you would you please consider donating and encouraging your friends to donate. All the work that we have done so far has been a direct result of the funding from like-minded, socially astute folks like yourself and it keeps us accountable to you and our community. Every dollar counts.  


Executive Director, Tanya Fields Gives Rousing Commencement Speech

I am a graduate of the CUNY system and I have much to thank them for in regards to being able to access a quality education. The CUNY system is one of the greatest in the world! I was more than elated, humbled and moved to have the ability to be the keynote speaker for CUNY School of Professional Studies. 


Below is my commencement speech that highlights my story of struggle, resistance and persistence. I hope that I can share it with you all so that you can get a better understanding of the personal motivations that drive me to do this work and I also just want to show off how I was able to incorporate "turn up" into a formal speech.  

Join Us: February 16th - Not Just Talk: Food in the South Bronx

Many of you are already aware of my open letter to the food community regarding my disinvitation from TEDx Manhattan and why I felt it was problematic. In my letter I addressed the intersections of race, class, privilege and positional power. The dialogue that took place after was tremendous, hard and necessary. However, the letter was not just about venting or blaming, it was about moving forward and creating solutions in the face of obstacles. In that spirit The BLK Projek decided to do  a series of "Tanya Talks" (I'm TED's sassy, black cousin lol) along with, art, music, film and food.

Saturday, February 16th from 10am - 5pm join us at Bronx institution The Point CDC.

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Moving Forward: TEDx Manhattan Apology and Joint Statement

Glynwood Organization and TEDx Manhattan have issued an apology and we a joint statement. I have been overwhelmed with the responses, love, support and the honest, hard discussions that presented themselves here. When Karen, with no input from me decided to withdraw and stand in solidarity I was blown away and I think Glynwood was as well. It was a small but important opportunity to really discuss these themes that have come up time and time again regarding class, race and power in doing this work. The leadership at the Glynwood Organization (the overarching organization for the Glynwood Institute) stepped up as well. With the leadership and feedback of LaDonna Redmond we were able to have a REAL, HONEST, HARD conversation about this incidence and the work that needs to come out of it. We were invited back to speak. We made the decision not to, Karen and I made that decision TOGETHER. We also made the decision to engage from a space of understanding, compassion and reconciliation. The work we do in our communities can be traumatic but really facing your privilege can be messy and murky as well. I am pleased that Glynwood is stepping up to take the steps to confront that, to move forward in having a deeper understanding of the many themes that played out in the COMFOOD listserve and the larger community. We will still be having our event on February 16th which we will be live streaming on the web. Karen will be our fabulous keynote speaker and Kathleen Frith ED of Glynwood Organization (not Glynwood Insitute) will be making an appearance to have this very conversation with our folks. My hope is that this passion, momentum and enthusiasm will continue to be harnessed to do our work in our communities and continue to see those communities as the best resources we have. That we continue to nurture each other, validate our own narratives and find ways in which to do them that casts off the burden of doing things "in opposition to" rather than "inspired by".

This has been an amazing learning experience for me. Our words and actions have power, learning to move forward and on a personal level coming to understand that "I and we are enough", always. It has been a lesson in humility and understanding and in love. My great love for the people who do this work and love their communities. I want to personally thank LaDonna and Karen and Beatriz and my mentor for the support they offered to me and for their love of the work we all CHOOSE to do. I want to thank everyone here who chose to have this conversation no matter what their opinions were. Healing comes with facing those uncomfortable truths, stepping outside of our own realities and understanding that our own realities aren't universal. I appreciate Kathleen's willingness to do that when the larger community called for accountability.

Today, we release a joint statement and continue those conversations and I look forward to continuing to build in my community at home and the larger food community here. Here is that statement:

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