Mamas The BLK ProjeK Wants You!

We are so excited! We are teaming up with Green Worker Cooperatives to incubate our first small business:

















We are looking for mamas from every walk of life to create a soap making and body product cooperative.

What is a worker owned cooperative?

Great question!

A worker cooperative is a business that each worker has a share in and is democratically managed by its worker owners. No one person makes the rules and everyone has a say!

If you have an interest in earning additional money, want to create a work experience that values the time and honors your work life balance as well as making luscious, natural, fragrant soap products then give us a shout!

If interested please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly!

You can contact us at 718.635.0951 or Send us an Email if you have questions, suggestions or concerns