Summer is definitely being good to the BLK ProjeK! Beautiful and fruitful possibilities grow amongst the struggle and challenges of cultivating a new organization and propagating a movement.  

(Ya'll see all those agricultural metaphors. I am stepping my writing game up!)

One of the many amazing opportunities we have had is to work yet again with the Bronx Civic Scholars Institute program. This program helps college bound high school students the gain practical knowledge and gain college credit. This summer we have a small, diverse all girls team and we are so psyched. It gives Geo and I the opportunity to no only work with engaged young folks but do leadership development with young women of color.

We are so proud of them we want you to meet these awesome young ladies.

Drum Roll Please!

Elizabeth is 17 years old and attends school at Bronx Academy of Letters. During her spare time she is usually hanging with friends, rollerblading or writing poetry. She is Ghanian-American and lives in the South Bronx. As you progresses in her academic career she hopes to study political science. Her goal for the summer while working with the BLK ProjeK is to better understand how a community can use it's power for social change. Her favorite veggies are carrots and pickled cucumbers. 

Diana is 18 years old and attends ELLIS Preparatory Academy, an international high school. She is from Mexico and has been living in the U.S. for 3 years. She enjoys working with the community and wants to make change. She knows it's hard but not impossible. She chose the BLK ProjeK as her intern site because she believes "the organization is teaching people what kind of food is better". This is something she finds important in this country because of the high rates of obesity. She hopes to learn about the process of food and how to "eat healthy". She likes all kind of veggies!

Michelle is 18 years old and lives in Harlem but attends school in the Bronx. Her goals for working with the BLK ProjeK are to make a difference in the community. She wants people to understand why food is important and to be more aware of what they put in their mouths. 

So far the ladies have hit the ground running and are currently helping out at the Padre Plaza Farmer's market and doing outreach to raise more awareness in regards to the market we are starting in Longwood.

We are excited to continue creating a legacy for good food and good jobs for those most affected!

Help us continue our good work and create a kick-butt market by donating to us today.