Meet Our Newest Board Member

Building a new organization is no easy task. I have made many sacrifices, taken extraordinary risks and had to lean on some pretty amazing people for guidance and support, both personally and professionally. Many lessons learned along the way, no doubt. One that didn't take long for me to figure out is that a non-profit is only as good as its board. I am on a personal mission to make sure I have a board that is not only kick butt but also adequately reflects the communities I seek to serve. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of the brave souls that are taking on the task of serving on the BLK ProjeK board. Their bios speak for themselves!

So without further ado please meet Wendy Lopez! Food and health extraordinaire!

Wendy Lopez

Wendy Lopez

Wendy Lopez is committed to serving as a force of love, justice, and growth within communities of African decent that have been negatively impacted by the inequities of our food system. Through her experiences providing nutrition education workshops for children, adolescents, and families, this Bronx native strives to bridge the gap between food, health, and community. As a former consultant for the Department of Health, she worked with the Green Carts program to increase availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in schools within low-access neighborhoods. Currently a health educator for Life is Precious, a suicide prevention program for young Latinas, Wendy works with youth to explore the ways in which food and health have a direct impact on the mind and body. She is also the co-founder of Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess, a monthly cooking/nutrition web-series, which aims to reduce the risk of obesity in NYC by demonstrating how to prepare culturally diverse, delicious, quick and cost conscious meals at home. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in nutrition from Hunter College.

I feel personally blessed that with all Wendy is doing she believes in the mission TBP enough to dedicate time to develop this organization. Please check out her site (she is pretty dope) and help me celebrate her commitment to the TBP.