DONATE: Fund Women Led Food Justice Initiatives

Dig. Plant. Grow. It is more than a catchy tag line. It is literally the embodiment of the work the BLK Projek does. We DIG deeper to highlight the intersections of race, class and gender that create conditions where there is food injustice and make plain that food inaccessibility is a symptom of a larger disease - economic exclusion.  We PLANT not only seeds in the Earth but in the people of the community using our programming as a platform to introduce radical language, encourage civic engagement and conduct popular education. We GROW not only organic produce but healthy young Black women through mentorship, paid internships and real life experience. We also using our platform to empower women and their children and raise the collective self esteem of the communities that we serve. When you donate to the BLK Projek you are helping to create thriving communities for resilient residents in the face of systemic economic adversities.